As part of a broader organisational restructure, data networking research at Swinburne University of Technology has moved from the Centre for Advanced Internet Architecture (CAIA) to the Internet For Things (I4T) Research Lab.

Although CAIA no longer exists, this website reflects CAIA's activities and outputs between March 2002 and February 2017, and is being maintained as a service to the broader data networking research community.

GENIUS - Games being studied

Games being studied at CAIA:

  • From time to time we have run a variety of public game servers on and (here on GrangeNet, part of Australia's high speed research network). However, as of September 2007 we are not running any meaningful trials.
  • The following games have previously been hosted (sometimes concurrently with each other)
    • Half-Life 2
      Previously we ran a Counter-Strike Source server on port 27015 and a Half-Life 2 Deathmatch server on port 27016.
    • Enemy Territory
      Enemy Territory is a Quake 3 based game which has become popular and is freely available. A public Enemy Territory server (v2.60) was previously running on on port 27961 with the ETPro mod (v3.2.0) installed.
    • Half Life: Counter Strike
      Prior to Counter-Strike:Source we ran a public Half-Life: Counter Strike server (v1.6).
    • Quake 3 Arena
      Way back in the beginning we ran a Quake 3 server, later using a map based on our research centre's actual lab (2003-2005). The map of our lab is still available for download.
  • XBox - Halo
    When initially released, we ran numerous experiments with Halo and Halo2 in "System Link" mode on three XBoxes owned by CAIA.
  • Quake 2
    One research topic has been an investigation into whether client-side bots can be used to assess game fairness as a function of the quality of one's network connection. For Quake 2 a number of client-side bots exists that try to act like real human players. For recent games client-side have been created for the sole purpose of cheating (augmenting human players).
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